OneSight- The Gift of Sight.



Since 1988, LensCrafters has supported OneSight. Today, LensCrafters and it’s affiliated Doctors have helped provide crisp,clear vision to millions around the world.

Worldwide, 733 million people suffer from poor vision.  An eye exam and glasses could restore sight for more than half a billion people.  All people deserve to see their very best to work, read and look into the faces of tto provide better sight for all.

You’ll find the mission of OneSight embraced by The Greater Cleveland Eye Associates, who volunteer their time by providing vision care to students in need at OneSight’s Regional Children’s Clinics and Vision Van outreach efforts in Northeast Ohio.  Also, one day per year is set aside for OneDay when people in need can come to our offices for free exams and glasses.

If you would like to support OneSight, please visit